Benefits of drawing for your children

You’ve probably noticed your kid playing video games or watching cartoons when he has nothing else to do. He might be doing these things because he wants to distract himself from something else, like homework, or he may just enjoy them. If so, maybe you could get him started on a new hobby by encouraging him to draw anime or hentai.

Maybe telling you a little about the advantages that drawing has on children will make you think about it and see that it is something really worthwhile!

One of the earliest examples of people using notebooks outside of their studios were Renaissance painters who used them to record their thoughts and observations.

For example, Da Vinci considered it important to connect directly with life and study human movement so he could develop his own techniques. His approach is easily applicable today since the benefits of sketching and painting can help us detach from technology.

Drawing, among other things, has been shown to help improve mental health by relieving stress and improving creative thinking. It’s also often done for fun.

Best Benefits of Sketching

Drawing is a hand, mind, and eye practice that offers advantages that can be applied to many facets of life and will undoubtedly help your child later in life from business to relationships. Boosting their skills with drawing will only provide great therapeutic and cognitive benefits that I mention below:

Increases concentration and strategic thinking

Drawing has cognitive and mental benefits that go beyond creativity. Both sides of our brain are actively involved when we draw: the right side for creativity and the left side for logical reasoning.

When we draw, our brain releases endorphins and helps form new connections and pathways. In other words, it enhances both sides of your brain and helps develop the concentration and strategic thinking you will need as an adult.

Helps coordination

Little ones’ hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills improve as they draw more. Continuous line drawing and blind contour drawing, for example, force children (and not so children) to rely on intuition and use their senses of sight and touch.

By drawing without looking at the paper, the left half of the brain rejects the nuances and complexity of spatial awareness, allowing the right side of the brain to take over.

As a result, your child relies on the movement of their hands rather than relying on memorized drawing patterns, improving overall coordination.

Increases overall health

Art in general helps relaxation and stress relief by requiring us to pay attention to the minutiae of our environment. Drawing is no exception and will help your child enter into a state of mediation, helping them to disconnect from whatever is bothering them.

Improves their communication skills

Without words, an artist must communicate through graphic expressions, which allows better decisions to be made. It also allows for a better understanding of feelings and emotions without focusing on the meaning of specific phrases.

Your child will be able to develop unique communication skills, which will allow him to connect much better with all the people around him. A skill that will undoubtedly be of great help in the future!

Fuels Creativity

According to studies by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, drawing allows all people (especially the youngest) to think differently, enhancing open thinking and creativity.

The personal growth capabilities are endless, you will learn characteristics that foster critical thinking skills, leading to new discoveries and innovative ideas.

Where to paint and what does he need to do it?

Nowadays, there are different materials and products to paint on almost any surface in the house with little or no staining or waste. In fact, some experts recommend that children express themselves in different places, but always within family limits and rules.

For example, there is chalkboard paint for walls on which to paint in a big way with colored chalk. You can also paint on glass and window panes with glass markers.

For the little ones, there is finger paint that is completely harmless and easy to wash off, so that they can enjoy a complete sensory experience. The more “expert” ones can already start with notebooks with pre-designed drawings to color and practice their skills.

And if not, nothing better than a sketch pad, colored pencils, markers, and watercolors and let their imagination and creativity do the rest.

As you can see there are many options and benefits of drawing for children, we hope that your children will be encouraged and will soon get to know the wonderful world of painting!


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