Did you know that:

  • IPAS offers comprehensive services to every member of the adoption triad – both pre and post placement.
  • IPAS also offers pregnancy counseling to women who want to parent.
  • About 50% of the children that are placed for adoption through IPAS are hospital calls.  That means that the birth mother has not worked with IPAS previously, and decides to make a plan of adoption at the hospital.  She informs the medical team, who in turn calls IPAS.  IPAS has a 24/7 on-call number so that a social worker can respond to a hospital call at any time day or night.
  • IPAS is licensed to practice in multiple counties throughout California.  If you or someone you know is interested in adoption, but does not live in the Fresno area, chances are that IPAS can still help. 
  • Many women who make adoption plans are already parenting other children.  They know that they cannot care for another child, and they choose to make a voluntary plan with IPAS.  No matter the situation, IPAS social workers come alongside and give them the tools they need to make the decision that is best for them and their baby.
  • Open adoption does not only involve birth parents, but their extended families as well.  A birth mother or birth father may not be ready for openness at the time of birth, but their extended family may still desire a connection.  IPAS honors these relationships through openness, and feels that it is healthy for a child to know his or her birth family, whether it be immediate or extended.  Counseling is also available to all birth family members at IPAS across the life span. 
  • Once a birth mother signs relinquishment papers, the wait time is typically about 48 hours until parental rights are terminated.  This is much less than other types of adoption which can range from 30 days to about 18 months.  Many families appreciate the short wait time that voluntary adoption offers, ensuring that a child will not be returned to a birth parent after weeks or months of bonding in the adoptive home.
  • At finalization, the adoptive family is able to invite as many family and friends as they wish.  Pictures and videos are not only allowed but encouraged.  It is a relaxed, warm environment to celebrate the finalization of a child into their forever family. 
  • IPAS sometimes receives calls about preemies that have been placed for adoption.  IPAS will immediately go to the hospital and assess the situation. The agency wants to make sure that everything looks appropriate and that the prognosis is positive before calling a prospective adoptive family.  Preemies can be born early for various reasons, and IPAS will make sure that the family selected will be able to properly care for the baby.  Prospective adoptive parents will always be consulted (if requested) before a preemie is placed in their home.