Services for Professionals

Infant of Prague Adoption Central California Adoption Services has been a leader in domestic infant adoption in Central California since 1953. Each year we work with local nurses, school counselors,  hospital social workers, doctors and other medical professionals to provide services to their patients.

We can provide counseling services free of charge as well as work with your client to help them understand what resources are available should the decide to parent or make a plan of adoption. We are committed to helping your patients know all their options and help them to make the choice that is best for them and their baby.

Trainings for Professionals

Infant of Prague offers special on-going educational training opportunities focusing on adoption best practices for Nurses, Social Workers, Licensed Therapists, Licensed Counselors and Licensed Psychologists. Our goal is to help educate medical professionals on adoption best practices so they can provide the best care to their patients. We are licensed by the California Board of Registered Nursing to provide continuing education credits.

Our seminars focus on:

  • How to work with patients considering or making a plan of adoption
  • Confidentiality – How to follow confidentiality rules when dealing with birth and adoptive parents
  • Adoption in a hospital or medical office setting
  • Safe surrender versus voluntary adoption
  • Drug and alcohol exposure – Voluntary adoption is still an option versus CPS intervention
  • Parents can make a voluntary plan at any age, not just for infants
  • History and the current practice of adoption
  • Adoption statistics
  • Different types of adoption – Private versus foster care adoptions; Domestic versus international; Closed versus open and semi-open adoptions

We can also work with you to offer additional course topics specific to your staff and practice as well as offer training on-site or at the Infant of Prague office.

If you or your team are interested in participating, please contact Felicity Moreno at 559.447.3333, or