If you need help and feel you can not take care of your child, we are here for you. A social worker is available 24/7 by calling (559) 447-3333 or Toll Free 1 (800) 994-2367.

What is Safe Surrender?

Under California’s Safe Surrender Law, a parent or person with lawful custody may surrender a newborn confidentially at any public or private hospital or fire station in California within the first 72 hours of the baby’s birth. An identification bracelet will be placed on the baby and a matching bracelet will be given to the parent. Safe Surrender offers a 14-day “cooling off period beginning the day the child is voluntarily surrendered. During the 14-day period, the person who surrendered the child can return to the hospital to reclaim the child, if the child is still at the hospital and provided a dependency petition has not been filed. If the dependency petition has already been filed the child welfare agency must verify the identity of the person and conduct and assessment of the person’s circumstances and ability to patent.

Hospital personnel will give the parent a medical information questionnaire to gather family medical history useful in caring for the child. The State of California offers a statewide, toll-free hotline that will give callers information on safe surrender sites in their area. The number is 1-877-BABYSAF or 1-877-222-9723.

How are Safe Surrender and Voluntary Open Adoption different?

Voluntary open adoption allows a birth parent and child more support and information both at the time of the adoption and later in life. By choosing voluntary adoption, you can make a plan for your child, including picking out the family that will adopt them and what information you would like to share with them. If you do not want to share personal information with your child or the adoptive family, we will respect your wishes.

We also offer free, lifelong counseling and support services to all of our birth parents.

Note: The Voluntary Adoption information listed above describes an open adoption plan through Infant of Prague Adoption Service. A closed adoption will offer no information to the parent and adopted individual. Each adoption is different and it is best to speak with a professional regarding specific questions and the best choice for each child.