Answers to Questions Frequently Asked by Adoptive Parents…

How long is the waiting period to adopt?

The typical waiting period for our adoptive parents is 12 to 18 months after the home study is completed.

How large is the prospective parent pool?

Depending on certain circumstances, it can range in size from two to about 25 families.

How do birthmothers find IPAS?

Most birthmothers are referred to us by other professionals or agencies. Many birthmothers also find us through our website, social media or referrals from friends.

Is open adoption co-parenting or joint custody?

No. Upon finalization, the adoptive parents are the legally recognized parents. They are also the emotional parents. Openness does not detract from the permanency of parenting. Rather, it can enrich it by establishing an atmosphere of candor in which the ongoing needs of all parties are honored.

Who are our birthparents?

Birthparents who plan adoptions through IPAS vary in age and background, but most have long-term plans for their lives and all care deeply about the welfare of their children. A tremendous amount of love and foresight goes into their decisions.

What is an open adoption?

Birthparents choose the adoptive family that they want to raise their child. Together the adoptive family and the birthparents create a plan for ongoing visits and the exchange of photos, letters, etc.

Adoptive and Birth Parents can always call on IPAS for help and guidance, or to oversee the open adoption relationship in the future, if circumstances change or challenges arise.

IPAS will educate you on openness in the mandatory classes all prospective adoptive parents must attend.

How is the adoptive family chosen?

Birthparents select a family by looking at waiting family albums.

How much does adoption cost?

Our fees continue to be among the least expensive of agencies who work with voluntary adoption.  We offer base fee plus a sliding scale amount based on averages of your annual income.  For more information please click on the heading “Adoption Fees.”

What’s the next step?

Free informational meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00 PM at our office in Fresno.  We can also arrange a one-on-one meeting in our office or by telephone.  Feel free to contact our office to have an informational packet sent to you. (559) 437-3333 or 1 (880) 994-2367