Adoptive Parent Program

  • Domestic adoptions (infants/children residing within the U.S.)
  • 99% of placements are infants
  • Evening or weekend group adoption training
  • Completion of state required “home study”
  • Placement and follow-up services, assistance with finalization, post finalization consultation

Birthparent Program

  • Confidential and unbiased counseling that explores all options before and after decision
  • Direct assistance
  • Pregnancy education and information
  • Individual and peer support (private Facebook page, monthly support group, annual free birthparent retreat, free/affordable lifelong in-house counseling)
  • Information on legal rights and responsibilities
Adoption Counseling
  • Practice Specialties include:
  1. Attachment concerns
  2. Crisis/trauma
  3. Grief and loss (especially birthparents)
  4. Depression
  5. Infertility Issues
  6. Relationship issues
  • Treatment approaches are varied and specialized for the needs of the individual and family.