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Birthmother Testimonials

“I was 14 when my mom drove me to the ER because of bad stomach cramps. It was then that I learned I was pregnant. I had denied to myself that I could be pregnant. My mom was in shock too!

It was a hard delivery, but my son looked beautiful to me. The hospital social worker called Central California Adoption Services – Infant of Prague and my baby was placed in a TLC home for a month while I tried to sort out what to do. I got to feed, bathe, and dress my son during the visits at the TLC home.

My Infant of Prague social worker met with my parents and me over and over again. She told me something that really made sense to me. She said my heart and my head were battling each other (my heart said to parent my baby and my head said to let him be adopted). I was really torn up. I wanted my mom to make the decision for me but she kept saying it was my son and it had to be my decision.

I finally called my counselor and told her that my head won out and I was ready to select a family for my baby. I cried, but I knew it was best for my baby boy. I gave the social worker a list of at least ten things I wanted for my son and my social worker found the perfect family for me. My son got everything that I wanted, and I got to meet and stay in touch with his new family. They still send me pictures and letters.”

Melody, age 18

“I came to Infant of Prague for counseling before I knew what I was going to do. I thought a lot about adoption but in the end I decided to parent my son and raise him myself. It’s not easy, but I know I am a better mother because my counselor talked to me about parenting as well as adoption.”

Cindi, age 19

“Adoption became a part of my life years ago, when I decided to make a plan of adoption for my daughter. This was a choice that changed my life forever, but a choice that I do not regret. Make no mistake, if I could have parented my daughter, I would have in a heartbeat.  But circumstances would not allow me.

This is when Brad and Lynn came into my life. From the moment I met them, I knew they were the couple I was looking for to raise my daughter. It’s hard to explain why I instantly felt they were the right choice, but a big part of it was the incredible peace I felt inside of me. I did not feel pressure from Brad and Lynn, just their genuine concern for me and my child. 

Even though I felt a peace from the very beginning, I did not make my final decision until I visited their home early on in my pregnancy. I wanted to see their little family in action, stay in their home, and meet the family and special people in their life. I remember leaving their home that weekend, asking myself, “Is this what I want for my child?” and my answer was, “Yes!”

We had spent hours talking about what parenthood meant to them and what their hopes were for the future. Brad and Lynn assured me from the very beginning that I would have the opportunity to be a part of my daughter’s life, and that meant so much to me. I never felt like they were just telling me what I wanted to hear and felt that they genuinely meant what they said.

Having the choice of open adoption made it easier for me to make the hard decision of allowing someone else to raise my child. I never had to wonder ‘Is my child okay?’ because I already knew. Lynn always took the time to call me with updates as well as send letters and pictures. I will never forget the excitement I felt when I would receive pictures in the mail! To see her smile and the joy in her mom’s and dad’s face, was so comforting to me.

Brad and Lynn always made it known to me that their door was always open. Did I always walk through that door as the years passed by? No, but just knowing I could, made all the difference in the world to me.

My daughter is now 18 years old and we communicate often! I treasure the visits we have with each other, and love hearing her tell me that she feels blessed to have two mothers who love her so much. That is what adoption is all about!”

Krista, age 45