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Adoptive Parent Testimonials

On the day we were chosen by a birth mother, our social worker called me “mom” on the phone – it was the first time I had ever been called that. She invited us to lunch to meet our new family. When I got off the phone, my husband and I just held one another and cried for joy. Our quest to become parents was finally coming to an end. When we met up with our new family, the shock and excitement was still all over our faces. We found our new family to be warm, funny and full of personality. I got to feel my daughter kick and I discovered an amazing bond with a woman I had never met before, but who was answering all my prayers. On the day she was born, it was about 4 a.m. when we got to the hospital. Our daughter was less than an hour old, laying on the heating table and she was perfect. It was hard to believe she was real, and that not only was I allowed to hold such a perfect little miracle, but that I was going to take her home and care for her for the rest of my life. All the pain of the past few years melted away in an instant and I was filled with such happiness that I felt like my skin could not hold it all in. We were in the hospital for less than two days, during which time we could not bring ourselves to put her down or even look away from her for more than an instant. It was love at first sight.
-- The Lozier Family


The adoption of our son Grayson was absolutely perfect to us. We completed the classes, paperwork, home study and album over the course of about six months. My husband teases me about how much time I spent completing our family album. For those of us who have experienced loss and infertility issues, it gave us comfort
knowing that it was no longer a question of if we were going to have another baby, it was now when we were going to have another baby. This made a huge difference for
our waiting time. We are so thankful to our birthmother for giving us this beautiful boy. He is such a miracle! We are also so thankful to Central California Adoption Services and our social worker for bringing our son into our lives. They have an amazing gift for making it all happen. We highly recommend CCAS-IP to any family wanting to adopt.
-- The Rountree Family