Waiting Families

To Our Birth Parents

Many Loving Families
Await Adoptive Placement

Each of our families have full profile albums at our office.  Please call Infant of Prague at (559) 447-3333 to speak with a counselor and view albums.

About Our Waiting Families

We have many loving families who are ready to become adoptive parents.  Perhaps they struggle with infertility and are choosing adoption as images32Q92Q3Da way to build their family or they might have a special place in their hearts for adoption and what it means.  Each adoptive family has a unique and meaningful reason for wanting to become parents through adoption.

Our waiting families have attended classes, had their homes inspected, went through interviews, cleared a background check, and much more to qualify to be possible parents to your child.  We take the certification process very seriously, as do the waiting families.  Once the process is completed we feel 100% confident that the families are safe, stable, caring, and loving.

Many incredible families, local or out-of the-area, eagerly await the placement of a child.  The majority are looking forward to their first child, although some families already have children and desire to grow their family some more.  There are waiting families that prefer newborns, while others are open to older children and/or sibling groups. Each situation and family is different.

Selecting a Family for Your Child

As a birth parent, you get to consider and then pick the family that you feel is the best fit for your child.  Each couple has a full album of photographs and letters with more information about their home, and other interesting facts that will help you decide if they are the right family for your child. You can also meet with them before making a decision if you’d like.  You are completely in control of your adoption plan.

For more information about our waiting families, please contact Infant of Prague at (559) 437-3333 or (800) 994-2367 for more information.