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What is Open Adoption?

Open Adoption benefits all involved, most of all the children.  Open adoption allows children to grow up knowing their birth and adoptive parents.  It gives birth parents the opportunity to see their children grow up while maintaining a relationship.  It also helps adoptive parents answer their children’s questions about adoption, as well as provide important medical and historical information.  Most importantly, children grow up knowing their birth parents that made the most loving, brave, and selfless decision on their behalf.

This is how it works:  During birthparent counseling, the birthparent(s) get to consider all their pregnancy options.  Should they choose adoption, they get to choose the adoptive family. In most cases, they will meet with the adoptive family, become acquainted with them, and develop a comfortable relationship with them.

The birthparent(s) and the adoptive family agree on the level of openness comfortable to both. Contact can range from exchanging letters and pictures to ongoing visits. Initially, an Infant of Prague social worker is available to mediate the level of communication that is comfortable for all.

The most important element of open adoption is the mutual trust that develops between the birth and the adoptive parents.