A mixed race mother and daughter holding handsSometimes birthparents feel that they must (or want) to try to parent their unplanned child. Being responsible for the well-being of a human life is one the most difficult jobs in the world.  If you made the choice to try parenting and it is not working in the way you had hoped, you can still consider open adoption for your child (at any age). Your child does not have to lose his/her identity, or relationship with you in the open adoption process. Our counselors are available to work with you to reach the choice you deem is best for you and your child.

My Child is 14-Months-Old. Can You Help Me?

Jenny’s Story:

Jenny, a 17-year-old mother who’d been told by everyone important to her (when she was pregnant) that she was too young and couldn’t manage parenting, set out to prove them wrong. And in many ways she did. By the time Jeff was 14-months-old, she had two part-time jobs and welfare to support herself, her boyfriend, and Jeff. As she put it, “I’ve shown the whole world I can do it and nobody cares…the one who’s really paying for this is Jeff and I think he deserves more.” She talked about how exhausted she was and how little she felt she had to give her son. After counseling, she decided adoption was a much better plan for him and selected his family.  She was able to maintain a connection with him and his adoptive family.  She felt at peace with her decision, knowing that she was giving him the life he deserved.