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Become an Adoptive Parent

If you are considering adopting a child, CCAS-IOP is looking for loving families of all backgrounds. Adoption need not be a lengthy, impersonal, or frustrating experience. We will walk you through the process and will be there well after the adoption to help support your growing family.

We hold regular orientation meetings at our office to address all of your questions about adoption and introduce you to our organization and the practice of open adoption.

Visit our calendar to see when the next available orientation meeting will be taking place or call us at (559) 447-3333. If none of the orientation dates or times fit with your schedule, an individual meeting time can be arranged.

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A Note of Gratitude

Dear Central California Adoption Services - Infant of Prague:

I just wanted to post a little note of thanks to you. I just got done rocking my sweet baby girl, Juliana, to sleep. As I did, tears of love, joy, contentment, and most of all, appreciation fell down my cheeks. Without you we would not have her, or her equally precious big brother Jackson.

Thank you so much! I am so glad God has blessed you enough to expand your services to a larger part of California. That will give so many more adoptive families the chance to grow and birth families the opportunity to be nurtured during a very difficult time.

You will always be part of our family and know you are all Jackson and Juliana’s “aunts in Fresno.”

Love you!
The Orsburn Family