Infant of Prague was founded in 1953. To learn how we have managed to keep growing families for so long, here are some thoughts from the families we have served:

The Cuthbertson Family

This was our second adoption through IPAS.  Our older son, Bryce, is almost four-years-old.  We felt at home with the IPAS staff from the very first orientation meeting for the first adoption, which is important when you are going to commit to the lengthy and emotional process of getting certified for adoption.  IPAS staff helped us get through the certification steps and made the process easier overall with their expertise and kindness.  Also, I liked the fact that about half of the pregnant women that come through the IPAS doors go on to parent their babies.  As a mother, I am glad that these women are assisted with all of their options, and it shows that those that go on to make a plan of adoption for their child are very sure about their decision.  IPAS staff felt like family after the first adoption, so choosing IPAS for this second adoption was automatic for us.

The Mariscal Family

We didn’t do much research before picking IPAS.  When we were coming to the realization that we wanted to expand our family and that adoption was the way we were going to do this, I felt like I was getting lots of signs telling me to do this through IPAS.  I learned of different friends and acquaintances who adopted and they had adopted through IPAS.  It just seemed like the best choice.  Both Mario and I really liked the feeling we got after the first meeting.  It has been the best experience for us.  We feel like we are part of a family and that we have the support we need.

The Lozier Family

When we found out Jayson could not have children we were of course devastated but we knew we did not want that to be the end of our journey as parents. We started to look into adoption because we both felt it was a better fit for us than invasive and unreliable fertility treatments. We knew we wanted to adopt an infant domestically. A friend from the Fresno area asked if we had ever heard of Infant of Prague. We were relieved to finally find an agency with a solid track record of being there for all members of the adoption triad and thankfully they were willing to make the long drive out to see us on the other side of the mountains

The  Freitas Family

From the second we met with Infant of Prague, we knew this was the agency for us. We had done some research on adoption and it was actually a connection at Valley Teen Ranch that gave us their information. I (Sara) made a call and Gloria was so friendly and helpful. She answered all of my questions and gave me the date of the next orientation. From that moment on, we felt like a part of the IPAS family.


The Larson Family

Like many people, we didn’t fully understand the adoption process.  So we called an attorney who is a friend of ours and asked for his recommendation on a local adoption attorney.  He told us we didn’t need an adoption attorney and should instead work through a local agency.  His sister-in-law happened to work at Infant of Prague and he suggested that we give her a call.

The Sage Family

It was a perfect fit for us. We were very comfortable with the way IPAS approaches adoption and how they care for both their adoptive families and their birth families.

The Huerta Family

We did a lot of research before choosing Infant of Prague.  We chose them because they are local & we felt really comfortable talking to them about the process.  After the orientation meeting we knew that we had chosen the right agency for us.

The Holman Family

We were referred to IPAS from a dear friend. We liked that IPAS is local & made it feel more like family. Then learning more about IPAS we came to appreciate that they work close in hand with the birth mothers and are here for all of us for a lifetime.