We welcome a diversity of ages, ethnicities, and religious practices to meet the needs of birth parents and waiting children.

Adoption requirements are determined by the State of California.  Those requirements will be thoroughly explained through the Prospective Adoptive Parent Informational Night, Training Classes, and Contract Meeting.  Our staff is dedicated to assisting you with the process.

Some of the adoption requirements are:

  • Complete an application.
  • Submit a current family photo.
  • Submit a financial statement.
  • Submit an employment verification (completed and signed by employer).
  • Satisfactorily clear FBI/DOJ/CACI fingerprints, and provide the agency with an appropriate exemption if appropriate (on all adults in the home).                                                         
  • Submit all necessary medical reports.
  • Submit TB test or x-ray results on all adults in the home.
  • Submit a criminal record statement.
  • Become a mandated reporter.
  • Submit an authorization for release of information.
  • Submit Safe Questionnaires I and II.                                                                       
  • Submit a copy of a marriage license if married.
  • Submit a copy of a divorce decree(s) if divorced.
  • Submit a copy of a birth certificates/alien registry (for all adults in the home).
  • Submit a copy of military discharge if applicable.
  • Submit a photocopy of drivers licenses (color copy).
  • Submit a copy of current auto insurance and auto registration.
  • Submit a copy of and satisfactorily clear DMV printouts (certified copy).
  • Submit a copy of social security cards.
  • Submit a copy of health and life insurance.
  • Submit current first aid and infant/adult CPR certificates.
  • Submit a map to your home from the Infant of Prague office.
  • Submit a drawing of the floor plan of your home – must show exits, an escape plan, and a meeting place outside of your home in case of emergency.                        
  • If you have a pool you will be required to complete a water safety class.  You must also have an appropriate pool fence and spa lock (ask agency for details).          
  • Submit an emergency disaster plan.
  • Submit identification and emergency information.
  • Clear psycho-social evaluations.
  • Submit references.
  • Be teachable about open adoption.
  • Complete at least 12 hours of adoption training.       

An absolute requirement is that you are sincere in building your family through adoption and that you are capable of creating a loving and stable environment for a child.