As a private, licensed adoption agency, we are committed to providing quality adoption services in the same caring, professional atmosphere that has been our trademark since 1953.

Our income is primarily derived from two sources: adoption fees and donations. Adoption fees alone do not cover the cost of each adoption. We must rely on the generosity of our donors, including individual contributors and supporters of our fundraising efforts.

Our fees are not due all at once.  Rather, payments are made in installments throughout the adoption process.  You can move through the assessment process at your own pace.  We have some adoptive parents that choose to proceed through each stage as quickly as possible/appropriate, while others take some time to save finances before they proceed to the next step.

We are proud to offer a sliding scale fee to our families. Please give us a call if you have any questions about our fee schedule.

The Federal Government also provides an Adoption Tax Credit per child, depending on your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI).  We recommend that adoptive families consult with a tax advisor to see IRS Form 8839 for information on how the Tax Credit may work for them. The Adoption Tax Credit can significantly reduce the net average cost for qualifying adoptive families.