A Word of Caution for Prospective Adoptive Parents

You are a vulnerable population so please take the time to investigate ALL of your options.  There are many types of adoption and it is important for you to take the time to figure out the best fit for you and your family.   Misleading ads can be found everywhere — the yellow pages, the Internet, newspapers, etc. While many people are well-meaning, they are often quick to share their opinion and advice, which may not depict healthy, modern, open adoption practices. You deserve ANSWERS and an opportunity to feel comfortable with the path you choose, so ask QUESTIONS of experts, preferably in person.

Some questions to consider as you begin your investigation:

  • How long has this agency/person been in the business of adoption?
  • Where is their office located?
  • What are their credentials?
  • Do they provide birth parents with supportive counseling both before and after placement?
  • Who provides the counseling?
  • Who pays for the counseling?
  • What is the average total adoption cost?
  • Do the costs include the home study fee?
  • Do the costs include medical and living expenses for the birth mother?
  • Do the costs include legal action and proceedings?
  • Will they provide you with names and telephone numbers of prior clients, ideally those that reside in and around the agency?  (Personal references are one of your most reliable resources.)
  • What is the average wait to receive a baby/child?

Bottom Line: You have the right to explore all of your options. You are building YOUR FOREVER FAMILY.