Matt & April

IMG_2837Why did you choose IPAS?

We chose IPAS because we wanted professionals to guide us through the adoption process.  From the very first introductory meeting, we new that IPAS had the knowledge and people to help us through the process, and support us during the wait.

What was your wait like?

Our wait was about two years.  Its a long time, and sometimes the wait can beat you down.  All I can say is the end result, for us a beautiful baby boy, made it all worthwhile.

What was it like to get the call?  What happened?

We got he call to meet IPAS staff at the hospital at 6:00 PM on a Sunday evening.  From that moment on we were floating a foot off the ground. IPAS staff met us there at the hospital, remained connected with us throughout the child’s stay, and were there with us when we took our baby home.

How did you feel when you saw your baby for the first time?

I’m sure all parents feel this way, but the first moment we saw our baby we knew he was the most beautiful child on earth, and the answer to all our hopes and dreams.

Now that you are finalized, what would you share with other families about the process?

Stay close with your social worker.  They can really help you during the wait when you are feeling low.  And remember… when your time comes and they put your baby in your arms, nothing else matters.  It’s a perfect moment.

What would you like to share with families who are waiting?

Hang in there.  It’s worth the wait!!!

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